Busy busy busy


It’s been a busy few weeks for me, having handed in my resignation with no job lined up (due to a slightly excessive 3 month notice period that cost me a potential job at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) then interviews in London and Milton Keynes. Lots to consider personally and professionally but it’s all over now and perhaps things will quieten down… well perhaps not since I’ve now got to think about moving to London! Meanwhile I’m in the latter stages of one of my freelance contracts so hopefully they should be online soon, plus another exciting one to start work on next year, but more on that when I find out more.

Now I’ve just got to finish sorting the rest of the junk I collected after living in Loughborough for 4 years (which has slowly shrank after half a year of going through it) and all the new junk that’s appeared in the year and a half I’ve been in Oxford. I don’t like moving, but hopefully this time round I’ll end up living somewhere nice with nice people and enjoy myself a bit more, something I’ve been missing for a while.

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