One of the things that inspired me to actually wake up in the morning for around the last year or so has been CNET TV, an online channel of CNET clips comprising of the most up to date reviews, shows, features and since the spring a live webcast. Shows like The Queue, Crave, Prizefight and Space Bubble have been my favourites, talking about all the weird gadgets that tech geeks love (I’m not afraid to admit it!)

Unfortunately Space Bubble finished far too early on (not sure why) and with Rich DiMuro leaving The Queue had it’s last showing today, as with Veronica Belmont’s absense Prizefight has been gone for some time also. Crave tailed off after the tragedy of James Kim’s passing last holiday season, which is understandable as I’ll always remember him for his spots on Crave and particularly his quirky music player reviews.

I’ll still continue to watch as they finally move to version 2 of the website, but they’ve definitely lost some real characters in the technology scene, who I’ll continue to keep track of to see what they’re up to next.