Having finally made it on holiday with some friends, after 4 years of failed attempts, I’ve got to say that Amsterdam is a really nice place. I’ve been before briefly on tour with the Northamptonshire County Youth Brass Band many moons ago when I was younger, but jetting around The Netherlands only left a few hours in the ‘Dam. This time was a LOT different (sans school kids, cheese and windmills)

Amidst drunken wandering we noticed the fact that almost every street is full of wonky buildings, which I’ve yet to find an explaination for; I know why the buildings in Venice are often wonky but I don’t think it’s the same reason. The architecture is very nice though, plus the atmosphere seemed a lot calmer than I imagined, probably something to do with going in winter. Definitely tourist friendly.

As for the nightlife, I don’t remember much of it (except the hangovers) but we ended up in the Bourbon Street Blues Club listening to Terryman, who whilst I wouldn’t consider to be blues as such, was absolutely excellent.

All in all a good trip, although not very relaxing! Now I need a lie down…