Race of Champions

After a very stressful autumn, and finally getting (most) of my freelance work complete, I got to relax a bit by heading down to the new Wembley and watching the Race of Champions. For those that have never heard of it, basically champions of various racing series come together to battle it out on a mini-circuit in national teams and individually, to win the Nations Cup and Champion of Champions respectively.

Dashing around in allsorts from a little buggy to a Ford Focus rally car there was lots of good action, plus the view from even the really high seats was great. I was dumbfounded both by how they managed to lay proper tarmac in the stadium, and the stuntman who managed to set a Legends car in a donut, get out, jump into a TVR, do a donut around that, then get out and literally jump back into the car that was still spinning!

Fantastic event, and has set the tone for what should be both a relaxing and fun Winter break.

Playing… Super Mario GalaxyÂ

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