Virgin Media

“Damn that’s fast” says Uma Thurman, that is of course if you’re connected!

I’ve been with Virgin (NTL) now for around a decade, not long after they introduced cable internet in the UK. I wasn’t going to faff around with ISDN lines like my friend so it seemed like a good call, and DAMN 512kb/s was quick in those days! Contention was never a problem, connectivity was rarely a problem (a couple days off in a decade is pretty good no? Plus most of that was in one go in the second year)

However there’s one major problem with the, and that’s customer service. If the line isn’t installed, it’s a nightmare trying to get it there, as I’ve learnt since I’m now on my 5th install. After having the engineers come out to scope out the property, an engineer come out for my installation only to tell me the access point has been cemented over by the council when they redid the water pipes, a manager to decide where to blast a hole in the pavement, an engineering team to blast the hole, then waiting for permission from the council to dig the pavement up properly, and then (in a fortnight) I might actually get the line installed…


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