After reading a post on Megatokyo it made me think about how things have changed for me since leaving home (to go to University) to where I am now. Unlike a lot of my friends I’ve never moved back home other than the occasional few weeks here and there between places so I haven’t gotten accustomed to ‘things being washed’ or ‘dinner being ready’ for a good few years now. Except that now I realise I’m actually becoming concerned whether my flat is clean, or if my washing is done, and other stuff that I never used to care less about! Anyone that entered my room at University can vouch for that…

I guess this is all part of ‘growing up’ as such, but I don’t feel grown-up otherwise! I still do most of the things I used to do back then, just that I have to worry about all the real-world things that you took for granted as a kid. Ah well, the plus-side is you still get to do whatever you want! I love my parents and enjoy going to visit them, but I enjoy my freedom too much to want to go back to that. I like making the rules!