Free from freelance

Finally, after weeks of torture, I’ve finally managed to get a release of the web application that I’ve been working on to the client. Admittedly I’ve had a while to do it, but with two job changes, moving and a new city, plus trying to make new friends, sort out hobbies both old and new, and keep in touch, it’s all been a bit too much. 80 hours this last week proves that much. On one hand I’m happy that I’ve managed to finally build an entire application by myself, which stands out from anything I’ve done before as possibly being worthwhile (although is far from finished)

… on the other hand, working all the time has made me miserable. It’s the same situation as last summer, where I worked exceptionally hard in order to build up some savings and pay for a few bits and bobs. I need the money more now as I’m in London and my finances have taken a beating, but if anything, for the sake of my sanity, I need free-time and less stress more than ever.

If I want to do all the things I talk about, watch/play/do all the things I daydream about, then I need the time to do it. I’m glad that freelance work has prepared me for the certification exams that will be forthcoming, but I’m going to take a break over summer, as there’s far too much fun to be had.

As for my blog, there are a whole host of things I want to write about, and now hopefully I’ll have the time to do it!

Listening… Eddie Halliwell Radio 1