Zend Server lighttp not running (phpMyAdmin) but Apache is? How to start it manually

If for some reason you’ve powered on and while Apache seems to be running OK, lighttp isn’t (for example phpMyAdmin isn’t working on localhost:10081/phpmyadmin) then you will need to start it manually. This is probably caused by a dirty restart, such as a power failure. On Mac OS X run this command… sudo /usr/local/zend/bin/lighttpdctl.sh start ...

Configuring Zend Server (Free Edition) on Mac OS X

Unlike Windows which doesn’t come with Apache by default, or distributions of Linux which (usually) have their own package management systems, Mac OS X comes with an outdated version of Apache which isn’t handled by package management. This means it’s a pain to either update or remove it.

Installing PHPUnit with Zend Server (CE) on Windows using PEAR

After a few hours of trying to figure out what was failing each time, I think I’ve finally found the solution (which is a combination of various other tidbits of information I’ve picked up from other blogs)

Firstly, assuming you’ve got a stock installation of Zend Server or Zend Server CE, it will be installed at:

C:\Program Files\Zend\ZendServer\

Therefore the PEAR setup batch file will be located at: