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No cached mapping for this field. Refresh field list from the Index Patterns page

With newly indexed Elastic Stack Elasticsearch documents (from Elastic APM or Filebeat/Logstash for example) you may see a warning “No cached mapping for this field. Refresh field list from the Management > Index Patterns page.” in Kibana when inspecting an event. To refresh the field list from Kibana you can go into the Management tab from the navigation on the left-hand side, then...

Port forward Elasticsearch Head to Kubernetes Statefulset

If you prefer Elasticsearch Head to oversee cluster-wide operations but miss having it installed on-cluster (now that it is not available ES v5 and above) plus run Elasticsearch as a Kubernetes Statefulset, then you can run Elasticsearch Head as a Chrome plugin and port forward to the Statefulset. This assumes that you have installed Elasticsearch in a standard way such as via the Elastic Helm...

Iterate over set for resource using count and index in Terraform

Even in Terraform 0.12 you cannot use iteration with resources, so you may still have to resort to using count to create multiple resources.
However you cannot iterate over a set (unlike a list) normally because it has no indices. Luckily Terraform will convert sets to lists without modifying the order of items, which allows you to use count and index as you would with a list.

CentOS/RHEL 6 Python PIP error, SyntaxError: invalid syntax {str(c.version) for c in all_candidates}

If you’re attempting to upgrade the version of PIP on CentOS or RHEL 6 from the default 7.1.0 to a newer version, as of April 14th 2018 when PIP 10.0.0 was released you will run into issues since EL6 ships with Python 2.6 as standard. Since you cannot upgrade the default version of Python because it will break in-built tooling such as Yum, you’ll need to version lock PIP when you...

Setup remote interpreter (virtualenv) in VM or container for PyCharm

If you are developing with a virtual machine or container, any modules installed by PIP will either be installed globally or potentially in a virtualenv location outside of the project root. Therefore you will need to tell PyCharm that the imported modules you’re using are located remotely, not locally. First you will need to go into Preferences/Settings and to the Project specific...

Allow connection to PostgreSQL server outside localhost

If PostgreSQL is set to only listen and allow connections from localhost ( then you can change the configuration to allow other or all IP addresses to connect. First we will need to make sure PostgreSQL is listening for connections outside of local networking in the main configuration, which should be located somewhere such as /etc/postgresql/9.x/main/postgresql.conf (where 9.x is...

How to reset/change expired MySQL 5.6 password in Homestead

MySQL 5.6 introduced password expiration, so the password on your Homestead Virtual Machine may expire at some point. SQLSTATE[HY000] [1862] Your password has expired. To log in you must change it using a client that supports expired passwords. To change this you will need to log into MySQL running on Homestead in order to change your password to fix the expiry vagrant ssh mysql -u homestead ...

No such file or directory for SSH authorized_keys in Homestead Vagrant VM

When configuring your Homestead VM you may encounter an SSH key issue when booting the Homestead Vagrant VM up
==> default: : No such file or directory
This can be fixed by nesting your mounted directory a level deeper under /home/vagrant/ as that is where the SSH keys of the box itself are stored and mounting your folders directory there can cause issues