Style sheets

Man am I tired…

Just finished the first draft of my first freelance project in a long time, been at least a year now. Doesn’t quite hit you how rusty your skills have gotten until you tackle something entirely on your own, because at work if you get stuck on this or that, usually someone in your office, or at least around the building (mailing lists often come to my rescue) knows whats wrong.

I’m slowly coming to the realisation that my design skills are as lacking as I remember, probably the product of writing scripts all day for nigh on a year now. Probably not helped by the fact it’s one of few *proper* non-tables layout I’ve ever done (which is shocking considering what year it is…). I don’t know I’ve just used tables for so long, and dividing a page up like that seems logical; it’s the way I’d do it in a Desktop Publishing package, or if I was doodling on a piece of paper, yet now I’ve got to learn how to “float” items off one-another…

… which seems like a good idea. Until you realise that as soon as you change the size of the window, unless things are physically glued in place they’ll jumble everywhere. I guess that’s the payoff for better accessibility though, as it does make rendering for mobile devices easier. Maybe when we catch up to the Tokyo-lifestyle that’ll pay off. Saying that my Playstation Portable browser works well enough for most sites, not a fan of browsing on anything else portable… yet (will see what the new Nokia offerings are like).

Now I’m just rambling, I’m shattered and I’ve just worked from dawn ’til pitch black on a Bank Holiday (I must have lost it). Time for some kip!

Watching… The Apprentice