I think I’ve just about recovered from the music festival I went to at the weekend now, as 5 days camping, drinking and not sleeping seemed to take a bit more of a toll on me than I first imagine! Still it was something I’d always wanted to do, and having experienced the mudbath that was caused by the recent downpours in England I shant be in a rush back to any; the music and atmosphere was really good though.

While I was away (and disconnected in virtually every sense of the word, including from leaving the festival site) it seems a lot had happened. Top of the list has to be that I missed what sounds like a fantastic grand prix in Spa, which is the first race in over 3 years I forgot to ask my mum to record if I wasn’t able to watch it live, plus the controversial conclusion to the Stepneygate hearing with the FIA (which I’ve got to admit I would quite like to see Ferrari find something to implicate them because I think if they got away it would be much more than just a disgrace to the sport)

Plenty of other things flying around the headlines, but since I’ve got to head into work soon (where my workload for the next 6-12 months is going to be decided by a steering group this morning) I just have to finish with this article I found whilst whipping round me newsreader…

Windows Vista unreadiness revealed

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