Too few hours in the day

I’m definitely starting to wonder where all my time goes, and figuring out ways to get hold of more of it, if only time was like a commodity…

After fighting off a hangover from Oxford’s Cowley Road Carnival I’ve been trying to strin-together some consecutive hours to finish some data management I was doing on one of my freelance projects, which is due in the not too distant future. However amongst trying to have a life (and not working 7 days a week) and sorting out a new housemate, plus my day job, I appear to be a bit short on time.

I’ve also thought about posting more personal posts on here, which I probably will… when I get around to finishing the site maybe. Speaking of which, I’ve got another freelance project lined up with it’s first meeting in fifteen minutes, so I’d better dash!

Playing… Wario Ware: Smooth Moves