Apple updates

In the midst of all my work and play, I thought that given all the rumours of the Mac Mini being discontinued I’d grab myself one from the Apple Store while they were still available. Couple weeks of a media centre for my TV and I was laughing…

Note: WAS laughing… of course they infact updated them with Core 2 Duos, 1Gb of RAM and an 80Gb hard drive! Admittedly in it’s position under the TV it’s not going to make any difference, but still, smarts a little having only had it for a fortnight. Same thing happened with my MacBook though which smarts even more, I’d only had that for a couple months before they put a Core 2 Duo in it! *sigh

On the plus side, I’d been waiting to see what the new iMacs were like before I thought about trading in my Power Mac, so hopefully I’ll still smile when I go look.