After many weeks of putting it off since I suggested it to my boss, I finally sorted out the certification I’m going to try for later in the year. It’s not everything I want to learn but it’s the most important stuff I think towards my career at this stage, plus it’s proof I can do what I say I can! One of them’s easy but the other two are going to be quite hard, but today I realised that it’s not the only problem I’ve got to conquer before my next step.

I realised as a programmer I have a lot of bad, old-fashioned habits. Things that I’ve come to do because I wasn’t aware of better ways to do them. IDE’s for example, I always associated with enterprise-level languages such as Java, and Visual Studio, which I used many moons ago. I’m starting to see the benefits of many of the things I’ve never looked into, and whilst I’d say I’m alright at scripting and design, I need to improve my techniques.

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