Well I think this weekend has just about summed up how “summer’s” been this year in England… lousy. Despite a valiant and pretty fun day of trying to get the most out of the weather, we spent most of the day damp and cold looking for things to do; which also explains why I’m ill. I’m definitely not going to venture out in the hope of catching some sun again lets put it that way!

I feel slightly lazy too as I haven’t done all that much freelance work this week, as I’ve been waiting on a few things, but it feels weird just to sit down and relax, even if my head hurts too much to work right now. Not to worry though, got plenty to do this week! I do wonder if I’ve forgotten what it feels like to just enjoy myself sometimes, so maybe after finishing my current jobs I might give the extra workload a break for a while, or do some free projects that I’ve been thinking about helping with.

Watching… Air TV