Between jobs

I would say “it’s that time again” but that would be a bit premature, seeing as I didn’t expect to be looking for another job for at least a year, let alone have already gone through that process, gotten a job and have spent today as my first day off (and failing miserably at Super Paper Mario, which was kinda embarrasing…)Â but after only 3 months I’ve decided to leave where I was in search of pastures new, and mostly of less technical support and graphic design! As much as I sometimes like those things, I’m not the kind that enjoys doing it for a living. Curiously it seems I’d rather do web development, which seems where my career is continued to head for the meantime…

Apart from being busy trying to figure out where my friends and acquiantances are, find a new job whilst juggling my existing one, plus still trying to settle in London, I haven’t had much time to do much of anything (other than a rave last weekend that left me questioning my youth) but slowly the calender’s starting to fill back up. I’ve yet to brave any of the London skating events yet, although I’m going to pop to Hyde Park next week to see quite how rusty my skills are (and how useless skatepark skills are going to be on the streets of London soon enough) plus I should really see what PHP London and the BCS are hosting, although I think changing jobs is excuse enough for not worrying about professional development at this precise moment. I will however think of a master plan as to how to keep myself busy though… but speaking of which I must dash to the TV!

Watching… The Apprentice