Finally, after months and months and months of putting them off, I finally got round to taking my certification exams. Well, I say got round to… more like one was going to expire, and the others I wasn’t allowed to reschedule again. I’m happy that in a way I was forced to take them though, as I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to it otherwise, plus given my situation at work and the state of the economy it’s never a bad thing to have a couple more stars on my job applications.

So, what is it like to now be a Zend Certified Engineer in PHP 5 and a MySQL 5 Certified Developer? Well, erm, kind of the same really, with the exception that people who ask if I’m any good at web development I guess I can say I have them, rather than my default “I guess so… sort of…” response.

Right, back to attempting to finish off the ‘was-going-to-have-lots-of-functionality-but-now-doesn’t-because-everybody-screws-around’ website that I’m working on, which is nearly done…