Coming up for air

Wow… it’s been a long time since I’ve put a post online, in any shape or form (except for the odd comment on Planet-F1) due to what can only be described as the chaos of London. Well, that’s not strictly true, but the whirlwind adventure of the entire of 2008, along with struggling to complete long-overdue freelance work, plus moving jobs and lots of dates and thus girlfriends (after over 2 years lady luck seemed to be on my side finally) had left me far too busy to keep in touch with the web…

After the horrible experience of having my new flat contract fall through at the 11th hour (as if moving wasn’t stressing me out enough at that point) and having to evacuate the capital in under 2 days, I find myself at my folk’s house with a spare hour to sort out my own website, and actually post to it!

There have been all kinds of things I’ve wanted to write since I last did, but having no platform to put them on I always forgot what they were; I should’ve signed up to Blogger or something similar and transferred them across. Anyways what’s done is done, and what’s lost is lost. What I am happy about is I finally have a place to vent, but this year hopefully start contributing something positive back, in whatever shape or form that may be.