Samba share path incorrect even though it’s mounted in the Finder

Sometimes if a Samba share (Windows share or a Samba share from Unix) does not disconnect cleanly in Mac OS X, you may end up with a broken symlink in /Volumes/

This means that even if you re-mount the same share, and it will be named the same in the Finder, the actual symlink path won’t be the same. For example if you’re using a Workspace in Eclipse that points to that share, you won’t be able to use it because /Volumes/ will look like this:

Andrew:Volumes andrew$ pwd
Andrew:Volumes andrew$ ls
Macintosh HD    share    share-1

The old symlink will still be there, and it will create another one with a number appended. If this does happen, disconnect the Samba share from the Finder, then delete the remaining share from /Volumes/ and then re-mount it in the Finder.

The share should then mount with the correct path!


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