Upload Behat screenshot to Imgur on scenario step failure

Being able to save a screenshot from Behat via one of it’s drivers is very useful to find out what went wrong, especially on headless browsers such as PhantomJS. Previously I’ve saved these to the filesystem as per a handy UCSF guide and updated myself for Behat 3.

However if you do not have easy access to the filesystem where Behat is being run, such as your Continuous Integration server (especially container-based solutions like Travis where it will get destroyed after each build) then it may be handy to upload it to somewhere and output the URL in your build logs. This is a quick solution for uploading to Imgur.

You will need to create an Imgur account and register your application to obtain a client ID.

Please note this is a quick and dirty example, as it should ideally use Guzzle to talk to the Imgur API and use external configuration, but since people may want to use different image hosting services or methods I left it fairly basic for now.

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