Virtualization information

Setup remote interpreter (virtualenv) in VM or container for PyCharm

If you are developing with a virtual machine or container, any modules installed by PIP will either be installed globally or potentially in a virtualenv location outside of the project root. Therefore you will need to tell PyCharm that the imported modules you’re using are located remotely, not locally. First you will need to go into Preferences/Settings and to the Project specific...

How to reset/change expired MySQL 5.6 password in Homestead

MySQL 5.6 introduced password expiration, so the password on your Homestead Virtual Machine may expire at some point. SQLSTATE[HY000] [1862] Your password has expired. To log in you must change it using a client that supports expired passwords. To change this you will need to log into MySQL running on Homestead in order to change your password to fix the expiry vagrant ssh mysql -u homestead ...

No such file or directory for SSH authorized_keys in Homestead Vagrant VM

When configuring your Homestead VM you may encounter an SSH key issue when booting the Homestead Vagrant VM up
==> default: : No such file or directory
This can be fixed by nesting your mounted directory a level deeper under /home/vagrant/ as that is where the SSH keys of the box itself are stored and mounting your folders directory there can cause issues

What does vagrant up do, where does the box get downloaded to?

Vagrant is a pretty nifty tool that simplifies developing on a Virtual Machine. However it is sometimes not obvious what happens in the background! An example of this is where your VM’s actually get downloaded to, and how they are managed. Since Vagrant acts as a wrapper for VirtualBox (or VMWare Fusion more recently) when you “add” a box, it essentially downloads a pre-built...

VirtualBox Guest Additions with Shared Folders for Linux Virtual Machines on Mac OS X

In order to access certain aspects of a virtual machine in VirtualBox, you will need to install Guest Additions (similar to VMWare Tools I guess) There is a manual page for installing Guest Additions but not all of it is self-explanatory… First you need to log into your Linux virtual machine (VM) and install/configure x, y and z. Install DKMS This part is relatively straightforward, just...