Like most people in England (or anyone who works at least) will have heard about the new 50% tax bracket, which has apparently won over public support because it taxes the rich. If I’m honest, it seems pretty dumb. Rich people already pay a ridiculous amount of tax, taxing them a little bit more (and proportionately to population it won’t affect all that many people, or make that much money) isn’t going to do much except annoy them. Annoying them sends them overseas. Sending them overseas doesn’t help us…

Who’s fault is all of this? I don’t know, I’m not an economist (proven by my lovely grade C in AS-level economics) so unlike some I’m not going to point the finger. What I don’t appreciate is the Government doing the same back. Assuming that the rich got us into this mess is ridiculous; the fact that highly-paid executives made bad decisions doesn’t change the fact that lesser-paid consumers also made bad decisions. For richer or poorer, overall we as a nation made mistakes, as most nations around the world have.

So why don’t we all pay for it, instead of just the rich? Oh we will, it’s just most of us don’t know it yet… and I’m not about to guess about that either!