Back in the capital

So after a hectic month of moving stuff down, waiting for stuff to arrive, building heck-knows how much Ikea furniture, waiting for various maintenance repairs and filling out endless forms… I’m back in London. I would say I feel relieved but I just feel tired more than anything! It is nice to be back though, if just for the next few years. If anything the best part is having a job that is challenging and interesting again, which I never thought I’d say…

Trying to catch a break

Well, since I managed to leave my side-lights on this morning and my car battery is flat, whilst I wait for the AA man to come and save me I figured I’d have a few seconds spare… which seems to be rather rare these days, for some unknown reason. I think relocating and changing jobs yet again is proving to be the killer here, although there are a fair variety of other things. I can’t wait until I’m down in London again, doing the things I enjoy, and not having to worry about anything or anyone.

Too much studying

I seem to be spending most of my time at the moment reading course material or books, revising for exams, taking exams or generally focusing on professional development. Whilst when I started this it all seemed like a good idea, I do wonder if I’m starting to get a bit lost in it… I mean for example I’ve still not gotten round to building a template for my own website yet (although I did at least manage to composition it in Illustrator)

Settling in at work

So, after a long-winded upheaval back to the Midlands from London after all the problems surrounding my accomodation (and somewhat unhappiness at Imperial College London for the way my project was handled and subsequently cancelled) I ended up working for The Open University. I’d been interested in the institution for a while, and nearly landed a job doing ColdFusion development there instead of going to London in the first place!

Lots on my mind

I’ve got a lot of things to think about at the moment, mostly not for the better. Apart from my career, 2009 has been pretty tough with certain things happening and not happening, but it’ll sort itself out, I hope. For now I’ve got to take the 1st of my Adobe Certified Expert exam passes (Dreamweaver) as a step forward, and keep at it with everything else right now. I just hope that it is worth some of the sacrifice, because right now it sure doesn’t feel like it…

Rediscovering audio and what may have fallen by the wayside

I’ve been thinking over the last couple days, no idea why really (although somewhat spurred on by a look at the Meridian Audio website) but I started to think about the quality of the music that I listen to. Being quite interested in home cinema (and more recently in audiophile equipment) I realised when I got my latest Sony F3000 amplifier and Monitor Audio Monitor 3 speakers that I was starting to reach the point whereby spending more on kit was useless.

The Open University

It’s coming up to a couple months now that I have been working for the Open University, and in comparison to my last place of work it’s actually been pretty plain sailing! I’m working in a media division of an e-learning department, whereby most of the teams are akin to design agency teams in a sense with their own editors, designers, artists, project managers and developers.

Returning to the nest

After what seems like forever, I saw my cousin graduate from Cambridge University on Saturday, with my grandparents in tow (who have been staying with us for a few days now) and my aunt, uncle and his brother and wife. Very proud moment for everyone I think, emphasized somehow by the fact my family (or the family that I acknowledge, but that’s another story) is Chinese, but all-round a fantastic achievement for her. Of course she’s now got to go off and figure out what to do with the rest of her life, but hey that’s the whole different adventure.

Last British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Many moons ago I decided that once again I quite fancied going to the British Grand Prix, so was lucky enough to work a 4-day week in my first week at my new job and pop down. Well, I say pop down, living in Northampton makes it quite easy to get there (plus knowing the local roads makes it easy to avoid everyone who doesn’t) but choosing to sit on Luffield Terrace again meant we had to go there early enough to grab a spot on Saturday and especially Sunday. Despite the convoluted politics going on between the FIA and FOTA however, it was a great event and a good weekend of motorsport!

Finally a break from it all

So at last, after almost 2 years, I finally managed to get a break from work (either my day job or freelance) which in a roundabout way only happened because I quit my job! My previous employer wasn’t particularly liberal with my annual leave (I had to take most of January off so that I didn’t lose all my accumulated leave, and even then I carried over the maximum amount) so to fit in a break between jobs was much needed, especially with everything that had happened regarding accomodation since the beginning of the year.

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