Temporary accomodation

The beauty of getting to walk through Hyde Park every morning at the moment is somewhat offset by the fact that I’m essentially living in a hotel. Well, not strictly a hotel as such (despite being called a hotel) but a temporary bedsit to call my own for a few weeks.

My adventure with accomodation isn’t quite over yet but at least I’m not commuting for 5 hours a day right now, which is a huge relief. Surprisingly I’m not paying too much over the odds in order to live in Central London, but space is definitely where the compromise is. For me it’s not really a big deal, since I grew up in a Council Estate and thus a fairly small house, but admittedly going from a room which I could actually put a double bed in (it’s a good thing I have a single!) to one where I can cook, clean and eat all from my bed is somewhat odd. It’ll do for now though, until things sort themselves out…

Still, with spring coming along nicely and daylight gracing our evenings, I’m very much looking forward to my walk home.