Finally a break from it all

So at last, after almost 2 years, I finally managed to get a break from work (either my day job or freelance) which in a roundabout way only happened because I quit my job! My previous employer wasn’t particularly liberal with my annual leave (I had to take most of January off so that I didn’t lose all my accumulated leave, and even then I carried over the maximum amount) so to fit in a break between jobs was much needed, especially with everything that had happened regarding accomodation since the beginning of the year. Now that I’ve finally managed to fix my reCAPTCHA module (by disabling it, which in itself took a while) I can also blog again too…

Now Mallorca for those not from England is quite a clich├ęd holiday destination, not entirely sure why everybody goes there but it seems a very popular location for the British public (we found a few Scots on our pub adventures too) and also seemingly the Germans and occasionally the Dutch and the French. However, with the very very cheap deal that we got we ended up slightly further away from Palma (or Magalouf) than I’d imagined we’d be. Infact we ended up over the other side of the island! After desperately convincing my friends who were organising the holiday that we needed to figure out a way to get 60km to the hotel at around 2am in the morning, despite their reluctance, we were off to the small island by Easyjet.

Even though Cales de Mallorca is very small, I personally really liked it. Nothing too busy, enough to keep a group of lads busy (activities, beach, plenty of stuff in the hotel, and at least one decent bar for the nightlife) for a few days though. Being all inclusive meant that we saved a lot of cash, and the hotel were a big help in sorting out things for us to do, both in and out of the hotel. The biggest plus has to be inclusive beer (lots and lots of Estrella Damm drank!) but the biggest downfall had to be the inclusive food, my word was it terrible! There were a few things that were alright, which kept us alive (one friend weirdly liked the food) but the first chance to suggest a paid meal was a saving grace, and probably the only protein I ate all holiday! All in all though the holiday was great, including a great barman and a really fun pub/club called Tiffanys, plus a great group of friends to spend it with.

Right, now that I’ve survived my first week living at home for many years, and my first week of work at a new job, it’s time to go and enjoy the next couple days of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix!