Last British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Many moons ago I decided that once again I quite fancied going to the British Grand Prix, so was lucky enough to work a 4-day week in my first week at my new job and pop down. Well, I say pop down, living in Northampton makes it quite easy to get there (plus knowing the local roads makes it easy to avoid everyone who doesn’t) but choosing to sit on Luffield Terrace again meant we had to go there early enough to grab a spot on Saturday and especially Sunday. Despite the convoluted politics going on between the FIA and FOTA however, it was a great event and a good weekend of motorsport!

Some people probably wonder whether we’re going to have a British Grand Prix next year, some people wonder if there’ll be one or two racing series, I personally don’t really care right now… Formula 1 is so rife with political battles of late that whatever happens will happen. I do hope that there will be a premier motorsport event at Silverstone next year, and if it’s not on 4 wheels then it’ll be on 2 in the form of Moto GP!