Too much studying

I seem to be spending most of my time at the moment reading course material or books, revising for exams, taking exams or generally focusing on professional development. Whilst when I started this it all seemed like a good idea, I do wonder if I’m starting to get a bit lost in it… I mean for example I’ve still not gotten round to building a template for my own website yet (although I did at least manage to composition it in Illustrator)

I’ve been saying to myself for a long time that I need to get together a portfolio, and I need to work on some cool personal projects as opposed to working on the freelance project that never dies. I’m at least achieving my goal of becoming more well-rounded as a developer by working daily as a Flash developer now, but I do worry that I’m spending so much time trying to ‘better myself’ that I’m kind of missing the point and not really getting anything other than fancy bits of paper…